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    complete on page SEO guide for beginners

    Do you love short but informative articles? If your answer is yes then Today's article about On Page SEO is for you.

    Complete On Page SEO guide

    Easy Marketing Tips are clearing techniques and steps with tools

    #Ensuring Types of Keywords

    It's well known that without proper knowledge of keyword research, you can't think about On-Page SEO. 

    Otherwise, you have the keyword collection if you do the only SEO job for your clients. 

    At this point, I grabbed that you have a keyword collection for ranking on google but not figured out as the Types of Keyword.

    Then you should have to identify or research the keywords according to types before starting your SEO job. 

    I have learned about it From a Quality Article of Search Engine Land. I hope you find it enough for your learning. here is the article link.

    #HTML Tag for SEO

    Google won't see your all HTML tags/attributes for optimizing in search engines. According to Google raters, Some tags are checked at the first look from the search console. 

    It's the white hat idea to implement your keyword in these tags. Always keep in mind that Keyword density shouldn't cross 3% in most of the case. 

    I have a very short article on How to optimize SEO friendly HTML tags. I hope you will get a clear idea with the help of this easy and short article.

    #On-page SEO for any CMS

    This the main point when you are doing the job. WordPress here is the most popular CMS, and doing SEO on WordPress with the plugin has become a little bit easy. 

    Yoast SEO is the most familiar now. If you wish to do the job with Yoast for WP, then you can learn the easy and informative articles from their official site. 

    For laravel, This article will help you. you can search and learn from other authoritative sources.

    For Joomla, you will find many extensions and plugins. you can have some from here.

    Note: If you need authoritative sources for any other resources then feel free to comment!

    #SEO Audit & Reporting

    It's also very important. SEO auditing through Google search console, checking for big issues & fixing, analyzing backlinks, and many more is a mandatory process. 

    You have to do the audit & reporting with the help of some tools. Here are the tools or checklist I use for the audit process.

    Using these tools is not mandatory for all. But I suggest to use them regularly.

    #Title & Meta Description

    Are you thinking why I have mentioned this point at last whereas It should be done at first?


    Yes, you may do the task at first. But in my opinion, you should do it at last before publishing your content. 

    And the Meta description is one of the most important tasks of your On-Page SEO. 

    You should give plenty of time to arrange the description within the suggested 150 characters keeping the title text once. 

    It's strictly recommended to maintain 0% Keyword density in the meta description.

    These 5 Key points are not enough for your SEO learning. But these will definitely help you to guide you in the proper way of learning. 

    There many more important topics of SEO. 

    After having a clear idea of my mentioned points, you will automatically redirect to some authoritative resources of learning.

     Post your query or suggestion in the comment box below without any hesitation. Thank you for being patient with us. We always strongly appreciate your kind support to us.


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      1. Updates is the matter of experience. Feel free to ask if u r in any trouble during your SEO job. U can share with me on google meet also.


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