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    Google AdSense VS Facebook instant Article

    Google AdSense VS Facebook instant Article
    Is google better or Facebook?

    There are many quality articles on Google AdSense VS Facebook instant article. Then why is it?

    You can learn the main effective point before starting your Online advertising earning business. If you want to learn in brief then follow this article.
    Otherwise, you can watch the video below:

    Now let's go with the main points of my short article.

    1. If your targeted market and content are Asia basis then FIA will better for you because most of the internet users of this area are addicted to Facebook n using Android smartphones.

    2. Google AdSense is Better for the European area targeted content and SEO. But you can choose both in this area.

    3. Google pays better for European adds but very few for Asia specific adds. In this regard, the Facebook instant article pays better for Asia specific adds.

    4. Google AdSense is the best for video content whereas Facebook hasn't given any added system for video content.

    5. Google AdSense features, Customizations, and sustainable business policy are much stronger than FIA. But FIA is easily applicable for starters.

    These 5 points above may help you when you are going to plan any kind of add basis internet business. And it's my short article. Thank you for being with digital sharing.

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