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    An easy and sustainable SEO guides for beginners [2022]

    seo guides for beginners
    SEO for beginners

    In a word, I would like to say Content is everything. 

    But it should always be unique!

    Is unique content is enough for On Page SEO?

    Today, Easy Marketing Tips are clearing some easy and sustainable SEO guides for beginners.

    At first, It's important to realize that Google has some restrictions on YMYL.

    It's called 'Your Money Your Life'. 

    That means pages are those focused on money and life events. 

    Google raters’ guideline defined YMYL as:-

    Pages that solicit personal information, such as personal identification numbers, bank account numbers, driver's license numbers, etc., which could be used for identity theft.

    Pages used for monetary transactions, on which users might give their credit account or bank account information; for example, any page that allows you to buy something.

    Pages that offer medical or health information that could impact your physical well-being.

    Pages offering advice on major life decisions, such as pages on parenting, purchasing a home, a vehicle, and so on.

    Pages offering advice on major life issues that could impact your future happiness and finances, such as pages giving legal or financial advice.

      You should take extra care and study a lot if your site is a YMYL basis. Otherwise, Google SEO is easy if you follow these points. 

    Your content has to be unique and informative.

    Always use unique brand new images and videos if you upload without embedding. 

    Content has to be completely plagiarism-free

    Rewriting with sentence structure changes can impact your SEO rank.

    Sharing the same link in a social site repeatedly is prohibited. The wrong keyword implementation is strictly prohibited. 

    Use your own or Gmail basis commenting plugin for your blog post instead of the Facebook plugin. 

    Submit your site bing, Yandex, Yahoo, and other search engines before submitting google webmaster tools. 

    Use some solid web 2.0 and quality backlinks if possible.

    Always use SEO friendly update web design and implement keywords properly. 

    ☑ These 10 points will remain unchanged for a long time in the Google SEO algorithm. 

    If you are a full professional and experienced then this article is not for you! 

    Especially this short article is for beginners. when you will be more professional, you will automatically be addicted to Backlinko, search engine land, Moz, and other SEO updates publisher's resources.  

    Thanks from www.easymarketingtips.net. It will be more helpful to others if you ask or share something in the comment box. The comment should be topic related. 

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