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    How to optimize SEO friendly HTML tags

    SEO friendly HTML tags

    SEO friendly Html Code

    SEO is not a word; it's the world. One of the most important topics here is HTML tags. In this case, It's not mandatory having coding knowledge. 

    Follow this short article and try yourself to ensure SEO friendly Html tag in your design. If you need a more definitive guide about On-Page SEO, then read this article from Backlinko.

    Here I am going to describe some important html5 tags or attributes implementation for perfect keyword optimization.

    Topics include:-

    1:  Important tags for SEO  
    #2  Keyword Implementation in Tags

    1. Important tags for SEO:-

    Here I would like to give you a clear idea that which html5 tags & attributes are very important for SEO. first one is <title>.....</title> tag.

    It's used as your website/blog title. always try to put your main keywords here with your nicely optimized title.

    For example, if your blog is about 'marketing tips' and you found the keyword 'internet marketing tips' is the best suit for you then what the title will be? you can use some more words with your keyword for good looking.

    Just keep in mind that your most desired keywords are in here. For the above example, my suggested title tag will be like that " <title> Easy digital and internet marketing tips </title>.

    This is my suggestion. you will find a more effective suggestion on google.

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    Here are some other important tags for SEO. you should always be aware of your keyword when using these tags/attributes.

    They are  h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6, figcaption for img, alt attribute on every img tag, keep in mind that you should use h1 tags only once for your every web page.

    Generally, every post title in WordPress or Blogspot is inputted in the h1 tag. In this case, you do not need any more use of the h1 tag.

    2 Keyword Implementation

    You may have plenty of unique, low competitive, and high competitive keywords. But if you can't utilize the keyword properly then your SEO ranking will be a little bit hard.

    Always try to put the same long-tail keyword in URL, figcaption, sub-heading, data snippet(as shown in WordPress)/search preferences(Blogspot), head image alt text.

    It will give you an extra rating. try to use the same keyword for commenting, Backlinking and when sharing on social media. use your other low competitive keywords in sub-headings and other img alt text/h2-h6 tags if used.

    *For Marketing I have shared a Gig on On-page SEO

    That's all from this short article. If you can ensure complete html5 tag and attributes usage properly and implement your keyword in the right place, then your SEO will be more powerful undoubtfully.


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