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    how to use google analytics on any website

    google analytics on any website
    Google Analytics on WordPress and Blogger 

    Track your visitor mobile model, age, visiting time, behavior, and many things with the amazing feature of google analytics very easily. In this article,  I am going to show you how to use Google analytics on any website.

    There are many quality articles on google analytics. what is this article's specialty?  It can show you the easy guidelines to install it into WordPress, blogger blog, and custom-designed websites.

    Let's start to open an account for google analytics. At first, go to this link of google analytics. Here you will be requested to sign in with your Google account.

    Then a page like the below image will be displayed. Click on Sign up button.

    Now give your account name as you wish, website name, in which one you want to use analytics, website URL without HTTP or https, select right industry category, and reporting time zone.

    Then scroll down and click on 'Get Tracking ID'. Accept the terms and condition and you will be redirected to a page like below. 

    Now you are almost ready to use analytics and successfully created your analytics account.you can add up to 50 websites for getting these amazing services from google.  

    waiting for implementation? okay. let's discuss the easiest and short cut way of installing analytics code on your website. 

    Scroll down on the page you have opened after account creation. Here you will find javascript and PHP code. you have to choose one method for inputting before </head> tag in your HTML structure. javascript is my recommendation. 

    For WordPress copy the javascript. then go to your dashboard appearance -> theme -> editor. here you will find header.php in the right sidebar as I have shown in the image below. paste the code before </head> tag here. 

    For Blogger, Go to layout and paste the code in any HTML/javascript gadget. now save the gadget. 

    If your site in other CMS platforms then the task is very easy to implement the code after <head> tag.

    Now your analytics is completely ready for tracking your viewer.

    I will show you the magical and effective feature of Google Analytics in my next article. Thank you so much for being the person I can share too. 

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